Hanson Family | Alaska

This family is absolutely beautiful!

I visited with them at their gorgeous home in Anchorage, Alaska and am a little jealous of their backyard where the session took place!  The two grandsons were so cute and cooperative and are going to be great big brothers when baby sister arrives later this summer.  I am also lucky enough to get to go back to Alaska in August and spend more time with this family as I photograph the middle son and fiancé’s wedding.  I can’t tell you how excited I am!

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Ashley Senior Portraits



This beautiful young woman is graduating today as I write this post!

Her mother (whom she looks EXACTLY like,) contacted me for a portrait session to document her before she leaves behind this stage of her life and moves graciously onto the next.  I love when clients bring their “fur babies” to their session!  Rosie and their new puppy Buddy, were great models and so adorable!  We had to reschedule a few times, but it was totally worth the wait to have the beautiful light we found over the lake just before sunset…

I wish you all the best in the next chapter of your life Ashley!

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Adams | Family

I met this great family for the first time for their holiday session at the begining of December.  Mom has style!  I walked into their beautifuly decorated home and asked if she would come decorate mine for the holidays too!  The 8 week old was such a doll and didn’t make a single peep the whole tim.  And big brother was a great helper and quite the ladies man!Adams_08

Liz & The Boys

It was supposed to be a beautiful day last Monday… So Liz, her 9 month old twins, her Mother-In Law Theresa, and their two dogs headed to the park with me for some pictures.  We got to the park and the boys (despite their nap) were not in the greatest of moods.  We decided to just go for it anyways – until it suddenly started raining and we had to make a mad dash for the cars! We ended up with some really cute candid shots of her and the boys just playing and cuddling…

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Mandi & Justin’s Engagement Session

I met this great couple through one of my sisters.  I met up with Mandi and Justin in May 2009 for their engagement session.  They chose to do their pictures at one of the Buffalo Run parks in Erie, CO becaus eof how beautiful it always is in the late spring.  There are a ton of bridges, ponds, fountains, rocks and the greenest grass ever!  Their beloved puggle tagged along too for some family photos.

Check out their engagement session and then search (Mandi & Justin’s Wedding) to see the great pictures from their wedding week I shot for them later that summer in Cancun!

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Susan & Sam

These fraternal twin sisters cam to me for pictures to celebrate their upcoming 50th birthday!  They also brought their four-legged friends Toby, EllaBell and Mister.  While the pups didn’t care much for my lights flashing, Susan and Sam were all smiles from start to finish.

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Yellow Chair

I mentioned to a friend of mine that I was looking for an interesting chair to use for portraits.  She suggested that I stop into the Habitat for Humanity Thrift Store.  When I was finally able to stop in I found this great, old, yellow chair and its light blue twin for only $10!  I was so excited to  try it out when I got home, but didn’t have anyone to take pictures of…  So I enlisted my rottweiler, Laynee, to serve as my subject.  The yellow chair stood out so nicely against my husband’s pristine green grass and the cloudless blue sky.

I was super happy with the image I ended up with!