Ashley Senior Portraits



This beautiful young woman is graduating today as I write this post!

Her mother (whom she looks EXACTLY like,) contacted me for a portrait session to document her before she leaves behind this stage of her life and moves graciously onto the next.  I love when clients bring their “fur babies” to their session!  Rosie and their new puppy Buddy, were great models and so adorable!  We had to reschedule a few times, but it was totally worth the wait to have the beautiful light we found over the lake just before sunset…

I wish you all the best in the next chapter of your life Ashley!

Rudd042613_004 Rudd042613_007 Rudd042613_011 Rudd042613_043 Rudd042613_044bw Rudd042613_045bw Rudd042613_062 Rudd042613_071 Rudd042613_096bw Rudd042613_107bw Rudd042613_115 Rudd042613_116bw Rudd042613_117 Rudd042613_118_1bw Rudd042613_141_1 Rudd042613_149_1bw Rudd042613_150_1bw


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