Miss {L} | Newborn

Little Miss {L} was so sweet at 13 days new.  She was actually one of the first babies born in CO on New Year’s Day!  How cool is that?  Back to her session…  She was wide awake for most of her session and made us (me, mom & dad) work pretty hard.  Not to mention she certainly let me know what she poses she did not like by making a mess on the blankets!  Her idea of comfy was wrapped up tight in Mommy or Daddy’s arms or cozied up in a basket. Lol.  Once we found her comfort zone she was a perfect sleepy angel though.  Daddy is a firefighter and they brought some of his gear to use in photos too.   I ❤ how the images turned out with Daddy’s helmet.  I also made all of the headbands myself specifically for her session and I am so happy with the want hey looked on her.

I hope I get to take many more pictures of this cute little bug as she grows up!Miller1-13-13_04 Miller1-13-13_05 Miller1-13-13_12 Miller1-13-13_19 Miller1-13-13_22 Miller1-13-13_23 Miller1-13-13_24 Miller1-13-13_27 Miller1-13-13_39 Miller1-13-13_44 Miller1-13-13_48 Miller1-13-13_54 Miller1-13-13_62bw Miller1-13-13_66bw Miller1-13-13_69bw Miller1-13-13_77bw Miller1-13-13_82bw Miller1-13-13_87


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